Robyn is interviewed by the Charlotte Observer

Robyn Pellei, CEO of ViveVita, was interviewed by the Charlotte Observer newspaper regarding what she would like to see our government do for small businesses.  <CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE>

At this point we are not certain if she is the only local business owner being featured, and if all or a portion of her interview will be published.  I personally think her responses were very insightful, and I hope they publish the whole account.

Her interview was published on Wednesday, January 23, 2013.

Robyn Pellei

Robyn Pellei

Robyn and children in office

Robyn and children in the ViveVita office

ViveVita has successful show at ABC Kids Expo

ViveVita attended the 2012 ABC Kids Expo in Louisville, KY from October 14-17, 2012.  This was our fifth year attending the show.

ViveVita exhibited the Label Itz line of baby and child labeling products, including:

ViveVita ABC Trade Show Booth 2012

ViveVita and Dr. Brown’s Booths at ABC Kids Expo 2012

Also on exhibit were Gripsterz StayAlong, the original, patented character handle and walking rope, Kissaboo boo-boo covers, and washable, waterproof Everyday Elegance Chair Covers.

Lily Winnail from Padalily visits Robyn Pellei at ViveVita Booth at ABC Kids Expo 2012

Thanks, Lily, for visiting!!!






We were delighted to be visited by Lily Winnail, CEO and owner of Lily’s Loving Arms, LLC, maker of Padalily. Lily is one of the Huggies Inspired Award winners, a fellow Charlotte-area Mompreneur and friend of Robyn’s, who also happens to be a “movie star”!  She was in the movie “Hunger Games”, and is currently the body double for Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison) in the Showtime series Homeland.  Both of those productions are filmed in our home town area of Charlotte, NC.

Robyn Pellei, the CEO and President of ViveVita, llc was also proud to also announce a synergistic business relationship between ViveVita, llc and Dr. Brown’s Bottles.  Stay tuned…more details to follow on that announcement soon!.

ViveVita CEO Featured on FOX!


Robyn Pellei interviewed by Gretchen Carlson (Fox and Friends) on Fox News National Broadcast

On Monday, September 3, 2012 at 8:30AM, our own Robyn Pellei was interviewed live on Fox News (Fox and Friends) by Gretchen Carlson. Fox News was in Charlotte reporting on the Democratic National Convention taking place here, and Robyn was part of a panel of three local Charlotte business owners who were asked “do you think your business is better off now than it was four years ago?”

Robyn Pellei and Gretchen Carlson from Fox News

Robyn Pellei and Gretchen Carlson from Fox News

We were hoping there would be a link available to view the broadcast, but so far we have not been able to locate it.  Perhaps we can connect with one of our friends who recorded it to DVR and we can figure out how to get it to the computer to post on the web.

We will continue to work on this, but in the mean time, “Congratulations, Robyn–job well done!”

P.S.  Dave also got to meet Brian Kilmeade, a “half-Italian brother”.


New Keepster Video

We had fun with the recent Bandette stop motion video, so we made one to help explain how to use the Keepster Pacifier label and string clip.

Campy, fun, informative, and only 90 seconds!

We hope you enjoy it!

P.S. If it doesn’t show up on your browser through the web page you can still watch it on YouTube:

How to attach Keepster to your pacifier.

Success at the Southern Womens Show–Charlotte

We had a great time meeting everyone at the Southern Womens Show – Charlotte 2011 this past Thursday through Sunday.  Thanks to all who stopped by our booth!ViveVita--Robyn & Elizabeth at Southern Womens Show 2011

It was so much fun sharing our products with the families of Charlotte.  Many had already known about our products, and others seemed genuinely thrilled to learn about how they worked.

The three shows in the last week or so (Moms@Work Luncheon, All About Baby, and Southern Womens Show) were great consumer awareness campaigns for us in the local Charlotte area.  They also helped us get prepared for the retailer/distributor show–ABC Kids Expo this Friday (9/23) – Monday (9/26)  in Louisville, KY.

But it was hard to be away from the kids for most of the day, several days in a row.  There were great big hugs from all the little ones each night Robyn came in from the show.  I feel sorry for any babies who might happen to pass in front of Robyn in a stroller by day 3 of the show next week–they are likely to get a vicarious hug from a red-headed stranger!

We may consider the Southern Womens Show–Richmond in April of 2012, but we’ll see how our schedule is shaking out at that time.  One big thing we learned was to use cushioned floor mat for the booth–it is truly worth it and saves your feet from standing on concrete floor all day.  That will definitely be coming with us to the ABC Expo later this week.



Robyn and Joel from ViveVita at Southern Womens Show.

Saturday Soccer Scramble

This morning was a bit of a scramble, but we pulled off a small miracle for soccer.  With Robyn at the Southern Womens Show in Charlotte, Dave had soccer duty with all 9 kids.  Robyn has done this before, so she’s an old pro, but this was Dave’s first time gunning solo.  Here are the statistics:

  • 1 parent
  • 9 children
  • 6 players
  • 5 teams on 5 fields (3 at 9:15AM, 2 at 9:45AM; 2 at school on one side of a main street and 3 at the YMCA across the street)
  • 3 players on 2 teams with pictures at 8:40AM (we were late, but still got there in time to get team and player pictures)

We have been blessed to have have the opportunity to play on our Church’s teams, with fantastic coaches and team parents, many who are from large families themselves, and who were able to lend helping hands.


So, we started with a head count of 9, and finished with a head count of 9.  Not sure if they are all ours, but we can sort it out later (after we determine whether or not we traded up for some ‘keepers’).

Next week will be a slightly different story, as the number of parents goes to “zero” while we are both at the ABC Kids Expo in Louisville, KY.  We’ll be saying our prayers. 😉

Soccer with 9 kids 9-17-2011.