Gripsterz Child Leash Alternative

We do a fair amount of traveling as a family.  At the moment we are traveling abroad with all the children.  So I thought this might be a good time to write some a blog post or two about keeping children close when traveling.

If you have ever had to bring your children with you through a busy airport such as Miami International Airport or London Heathrow you know how hectic and hair-raising it can be.  Multiply that be 100 and you know the feeling of taking your children through some of the third-world airports missionary families encounter on a regular basis.

Now imagine being in line for the security checkpoint with all your kids, your carry-on items and travel gear.   You definitely want to keep your children close, but sometimes when you use a traditional child leash or harness your child will realize they are being tied up or involuntarily restricted.  Does it help to have them sit down in the middle of the causeway and start bawling their eyes out since this restriction makes them feel like they are being punished when they haven’t done anything wrong?

Gripsterz child tether alternative at SJO San Jose, Costa Rica

Keeping children close with Gripsterz child harness alternative during international travel

Gripsterz Stay Along, which is comprised of a walking rope and voluntary character handle, helps alleviate that stress.  Children hold on to the handle because they like the monkey character, and they do not get upset since they are not being involuntarily restricted.

Gripsterz also gives children a feeling of security and ‘connectedness’.   They don’t have to cling to Mom’s leg because they are in a strange new environment.  Decreasing stress and anxiety for kids helps decrease stress for parents.

While there is no silver bullet for all people in all situations, we have used Gripsterz as an alternative to a child leash extensively during international travel and have found it works wonderfully for our family.

ViveVita has successful show at ABC Kids Expo

ViveVita attended the 2012 ABC Kids Expo in Louisville, KY from October 14-17, 2012.  This was our fifth year attending the show.

ViveVita exhibited the Label Itz line of baby and child labeling products, including:

ViveVita ABC Trade Show Booth 2012

ViveVita and Dr. Brown’s Booths at ABC Kids Expo 2012

Also on exhibit were Gripsterz StayAlong, the original, patented character handle and walking rope, Kissaboo boo-boo covers, and washable, waterproof Everyday Elegance Chair Covers.

Lily Winnail from Padalily visits Robyn Pellei at ViveVita Booth at ABC Kids Expo 2012

Thanks, Lily, for visiting!!!






We were delighted to be visited by Lily Winnail, CEO and owner of Lily’s Loving Arms, LLC, maker of Padalily. Lily is one of the Huggies Inspired Award winners, a fellow Charlotte-area Mompreneur and friend of Robyn’s, who also happens to be a “movie star”!  She was in the movie “Hunger Games”, and is currently the body double for Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison) in the Showtime series Homeland.  Both of those productions are filmed in our home town area of Charlotte, NC.

Robyn Pellei, the CEO and President of ViveVita, llc was also proud to also announce a synergistic business relationship between ViveVita, llc and Dr. Brown’s Bottles.  Stay tuned…more details to follow on that announcement soon!.

Gripsterz In Action

Managing Children In Airports with Gripsterz!

We made it to Panama!  After months of preparation we saddled up Wednesday morning, and had one of our great babysitters come with us to the airport.  Robyn has to be the greatest packer on the planet!  Our luggage for three months away:  6 checked duffel bags, and roughly half a dozen carry on bags with our computers, and gameboys, games and books for the  kids.

Luggage for three months-6 check bags, 6 carry-on bags

Luggage for three months-6 check bags, 6 carry-on bags











Thank goodness you can once again check bags at Skycap for international flights.  That made all the difference in the world!

Robyn and kids travel by Skycap at CLT

Robyn and kids travel by Skycap at CLT


We checked in and got a quick lunch at Charlotte International airport….

Kids watching planes at CLT

Kids watching planes at CLT







Kids eating lunch at CLT

Kids eating lunch at CLT









… then boarded and flew through Miami International Airport–grabbing a quick bite to eat, and arrived at Panama-Tocumen Airport (PTY)!

Robyn and the 9 children at the runway at MIA

Robyn and the 9 children at the runway at MIA

Robyn and the 9 children deplaning at MIA

Robyn and the 9 children deplaning at MIA

Gripsterz walking rope helps keep the little 3 boys close at Miami International Airport

Gripsterz walking rope helps keep the little 3 boys close at Miami International Airport










Gripsterz Stay Along monkey handle was critical!  We had the three little boys holding on and keeping up all the way through the airports (see pictures).

Robyn and smaller children with Gripsterz at MIA

Robyn uses Gripsterz walking rope with the little 3 boys at Miami International Airport

Robyn uses Gripsterz walking rope with the little 3 boys at Miami International Airport









Gripsterz and 9 kids at Miami International Airport 5-23-2012.

Success at the Southern Womens Show–Charlotte

We had a great time meeting everyone at the Southern Womens Show – Charlotte 2011 this past Thursday through Sunday.  Thanks to all who stopped by our booth!ViveVita--Robyn & Elizabeth at Southern Womens Show 2011

It was so much fun sharing our products with the families of Charlotte.  Many had already known about our products, and others seemed genuinely thrilled to learn about how they worked.

The three shows in the last week or so (Moms@Work Luncheon, All About Baby, and Southern Womens Show) were great consumer awareness campaigns for us in the local Charlotte area.  They also helped us get prepared for the retailer/distributor show–ABC Kids Expo this Friday (9/23) – Monday (9/26)  in Louisville, KY.

But it was hard to be away from the kids for most of the day, several days in a row.  There were great big hugs from all the little ones each night Robyn came in from the show.  I feel sorry for any babies who might happen to pass in front of Robyn in a stroller by day 3 of the show next week–they are likely to get a vicarious hug from a red-headed stranger!

We may consider the Southern Womens Show–Richmond in April of 2012, but we’ll see how our schedule is shaking out at that time.  One big thing we learned was to use cushioned floor mat for the booth–it is truly worth it and saves your feet from standing on concrete floor all day.  That will definitely be coming with us to the ABC Expo later this week.



Robyn and Joel from ViveVita at Southern Womens Show.

Bandette Sippy Cup Labels and Gripsterz Character Handle Featured in Recent Reports

Bandette Sippy Cup Labels were recently included in a trade show report by The Giggle Guide.

Gripsterz, the monkey character handle and walking rope system, a child leash alternative, was featured by Barb Arondin on CBS-TV Channel 11 News. Watch this on YouTube..