Use Toothband toothbrush labels to identify your toothbrush… Because some things just aren’t meant to be shared!

Toothbands Toothbrush Label Uses

Different ways to use Toothbands toothbrush labeling bands

  • Write on it! (using a standard ball point pen)
  • Make it Long Term! (by placing in boiling water for 5-10 minutes)
  1. Removable and Reusable
  2. Fits a wide variety of toothbrush sizes and shapes
  3. Label other stuff too! (like pencils, markers, silverware, tools)
  4. Reduces germ spread and unwanted toothbrush sharing by easy and consistent toothbrush recognition-no reading required
  5. Perfect for home, camp, travel, visiting, school and daycare
  6. Works on adult toothbrushes too!

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Toothbands In Use

To use:

Wet the ToothBand and start at the top of the toothbrush; gently stretching the ToothBand and placing where desired.

Writing on the labels:

For long term information (names, allergies, etc) write the information using a standard ballpoint pen and place your Toothband label in boiling water for 5-10 minutes or put your label through a very hot dishwasher cycle. Allow writing to dry before touching. Very hot water seals the written information.
For daily information (dates, times, contents, etc), write the desired information using a standard ball point pen and rub it off when ready to change. Be sure to remove the daily information before dishwashing or boiling.

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Toothbands In UseToothbands In UseToothbands In Use


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A Note from ViveVita

Hi friends! Don’t you love this idea! Finally… a super fun way to label toothbrushes that really works and keeps on working. Why label your toothbrush, toothbrushes are all different anyway! We know that your toothbrush is something you never want to share. And you don’t want to see your kids sharing them either!

Not only that, but who can keep up with the ever changing world of toothbrush colors and characters – they need a name and a consistent label. Kids totally get in to having their own stuff and knowing what is theirs – Toothband labels make that happen!

We love making everyday life easier and sharing those ideas with you. We’re ViveVita – creating solutions with functionality and flair for everyday living.