My Spot Place Markers Help Children Find Their Spot

My Spot Place Markers Help Children Find Their Spot

My Spot Place Markers are the extra help kids need to understand sitting and staying in one spot-their spot!

  • Fun characters and colors for easy recognition
  • Comfortable and portable
  • Nameplate for personalizing
  1. Makes the simple act of sitting in one place much easier
  2. Perfect for meal times, time outs, group settings, and/or room décor
  3. No more arguing over who’s sitting where!

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6 cute characters and colors

Green Monkey, Blue Panda, Orange Lion, Pink Ladybug, Purple Butterfly, Yellow Honeybee

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A Note from ViveVita

Thanks for checking out our MySpot place markers! You must be a parent or caregiver who understands that sitting still is alien to many little children, because they operate at just two speeds: full speed ahead and sound asleep. You also recognize that sitting (uh, sitting quietly) is a social custom that is learned!

My Spot helps children do just that — learn to sit quietly on their personal spot no matter when or where they go. We all know that a fun toy or favorite blanket serves as a familiar and positive friend that eases part of the everyday drama associated with active little kids. Everyone benefits from that positive sense of fun and belonging that stops fidgeting and puts a child at ease. My Spot is the location-appropriate equivalent that encourages a positive behavior: the simple act of sitting in one place.

Your kids, like ours, will love having a personal My Spot place marker that’s all theirs, labeled with their name and adorned with a fun and recognizable character. Finding their My Spot on a seat, they’ll probably shriek “Hey, that’s my spot!” and feel as if they’ve won at musical chairs! Really, everyone wins!

Thanks for considering My Spot. We love making everyday life easier and sharing our ideas with you. We’re ViveVita™ – creating solutions with functionality and flair for everyday living.

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