Pacifier Clips:  Because some things are not meant to be shared!

Keepster Writing On Pacifier Clips

  • Write on it! (using a standard ball point pen)
  • Make it Long Term! (by placing in boiling water for 5-10 minutes)
  1. Include any information you want (name,allergies,phone number etc)
  2. Makes pacifier easy to find
  3. Fits all types of pacifiers
  4. Reusable-easily moves from one pacifier to another
  5. Deters germ spread from pacifier sharing
  6. Multiple uses-label other stuff too! (String and clip are removable)
  7. Great for daycare, nurseries, travel, and every day at home

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6 cute characters and colors

Pink Ladybug, Yellow Honeybee, Purple Butterfly, Blue Panda,
Orange Lion and Green Monkey
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A Note from ViveVita

To all of our mommy, daddy, and caretaker friends – we are so excited that you are interested in our Keepster™ paci label and clip for your precious little one! This unique little device is exactly what you need for your child’s pacifiers, plus some – icing on the cake!

Let’s face it – pacifiers are known to travel and they always head straight for the mouth of another kid. Eww! And before they make it to that other mouth, they find themselves stranded on the floor, for all to ponder which little mouth they belong to. No more! Keepsters™ are here to save the day – and you can get one!

With Keepster™, you know that your child’s pacifier is easily recognized and stays with your child. Labeling your pacifier is such a good idea, and the clip, well… it just doesn’t get any better than that! We love our pacifier clips and now that we have one that is also a label. The fact that your Keepster™ can be used to label other stuff too is pure bonus.

We hope that you see how Keepster™ can be extremely useful – easing those dreaded fears of germ spread. And we hope that you take advantage of our other correlating Label Itz® products – because… some things are just not meant to be shared!