Label Itz products correlate so kids can know their stuff
(no reading required)!

Label-Itz StepsLabel-Itz Steps

  • Visual and tactile cues – helping kids of all ages and stages be their best.
  • Label Itz products work as visual cues that help children understand what is expected of them during daily routines and activities.
  • Encourage independence.

Label-Itz In Use

  1. Unique 4 Me™
  2. “That’s Mine!” –  Children get it. Label Itz products help them show it!
  3. Kids love knowing what belongs to them – and kids love being unique!
  4. Label Itz products – helping you fight germ spread and lost stuff!
  5. Enhancing understanding of personal ownership for the things that aren’t meant to be shared.
  6. Unique 4 Me™ –  Children understand better with visual and tactile cues.  We want to give them all the help we can!
  7. Label Itz products are perfect for everyday home use, daycare, nurseries, play dates, camps, parties, on-the-go, and travel.

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A Note from ViveVita

Hi Friends!  Just like all types of communication, the parent-to-child communication gap can be pretty wide.  They don’t always ‘get’ what we are saying, but giving them a fun tool to help can make a huge difference.

Kids don’t really care about not spreading or catching some invisible germs that lurk on cups – but they do get “Hey, that cup with the Green Monkey is MINE!”

Same goes for toothbrushes… and who can remember whose toothbrush is whose when the toothbrush brands keep changing the colors and characters?

Our entire Label Itz line is designed to enhance a child’s desire to participate in the behavior we are expecting, and have fun doing it!

Why not help our children understand and do the things that we ask them to do?  Let’s help them succeed and work together to bridge that communication gap!

We are parents too, and our products are there to help.  Our goal is to make everyday life (including parenting!) easier and more fun for everyone!  We like making a difference.