Kissaboo boo boo covers make painful hurts go away

Kissaboo boo boo covers help make painful hurts go away

  • Sooth minor injuries, bug bites, & ‘invisible’ booboos!
  • Hide ‘scary’ bandages, bruises, scars, or IV sites!
  • Protect bandaged or sensitive areas (like eczema)!
  • Deter thumb-sucking, picking & scratching!

Leaves a lasting KISS every time.


  • Finger cover
  • Hand/Palm cover
  • Arm/Knee cover

Fits children ages 0-9

Kids love to sing, so we made a special little song
that you can sing with your kids whenever they have an owie.

Kissaboos Jingle

Kissaboos In UseKissaboos In Use

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Dear ViveVita – I recently recieved a Kissaboo package at a local trade show. My daughter has severe egzema on her legs and elbows. The elbow kissaboo works perfectly by covering up Hannahs egzema on her elbow while keeping the area covered. It is extremely important to keep egzema covered so it does not come in contact with bacteria and the elbow kissaboo works great. Thank you, Holly – Concord, NC
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Mommy’s Free Time Blog Review

A Note from ViveVita

Hi, everyone! As parents, we know that kissing-the-booboo is an authentic kid’s game, just like peek-a-boo, only more important! Peek-a-boo is just for play, but kissing-the-booboo is for our children’s reassurance — to validate that their most important person (you) is protecting and caring regardless of whether injuries are real or imagined. Kissaboos function as additional cover to protect the booboo from dirt, from careless knocks and bangs, and from impressionable eyes and picking fingers while adding a little something from the heart! Their soft fabric and lip stickers are a supplemental comfort that puts more play into kissing-the-booboo. So, thank you for buying Kissaboos — just don’t forget to put the actual make-it-better-kiss underneath! We love making everyday life easier for you and your children. We’re ViveVita™ – creating solutions with functionality and flair for everyday living