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Our Walking Rope Is The Extra Hand for Moms Who Need A Child Tether

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  • Attaches to Anything!
  • Various Lengths!
  • Diverse Configurations!
  • Use Anytime You’re On-The-Go!
  • Easily combined for use with multiple children.
  • The Fun Alternative to a child leash or tether.


Grippy Monkey Handle, 1ft. & 2ft. Connecting Straps, Optional Wrist Strap (for added security), Adult Handle, Grippy Adventure Book, & Storage Bag.
Gripsterz Walking Handle Contents
Fun ‘Stay Along with Grippy’ book endears child to their Grippy handle.

Gripsterz ™ StayAlong ™- confidence you need to go together; security you need to stay together!

U.S. Patent No. 8,205,579


Gripsterz HandleGripsterz Instructions
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A Note from ViveVita

Gripsterz Stayalong is the fun and enjoyable alternative to a child leash or harness. This adorable monkey character handle and walking rope lets children explore while keeping them close to parents. Gripsterz eases the fears of being out and about with your little one.

When adults and kids are out and about touring the town together, Gripsterz keeps those little wanderers close by. With their new best buddy – Grippy, kids are free to explore and enjoy their world – and their buddy always keeps them close to Mom or Dad.

Gripsterz is the buddy that keeps everyone together, a friend for kids and an extra hand for Moms.

Developed by the mother of 9 small children, in conjunction with a pediatric occupational therapist, this new out-and-about accessory uses a child’s natural inclination to grasp and hold a palm-sized toy to voluntarily stay close in an encouraging way, while giving them more freedom than a tightly-gripped hand or an involuntary tether.

The Gripsterz package comes with an entertaining book that lets a child see what they might encounter in a typical public location, and what might be expected of them. This helps establish understanding of expectations and helps remove the uncertainty of the unknown for the child.

What a great way to let Moms and Dads spend time out and about with the children while feeling secure. So go ahead, get out with your kids… be together and stay together with Gripsterz Stayalong!