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Everyone Makes Mistakes

I was working on the farm with my construction team today as we were putting up a sunshade over the swimming pool.  I had given detailed instructions complete with detailed drawings, measurements, calculations, etc.

I stepped away for a few moments to tend to another project underway and when I came back, my team had welded a 24′ steel crossbrace onto 14′ uprights sideways (at a 90-degree rotated angle from how it should have been attached).  We laughed about it and spent a couple hours cutting it down and re-doing it correctly.

The lesson is that despite the best preparation, unexpected interruptions come up and things don’t always go perfectly smoothly.  A day-to-day example for Moms is lunchtime, when an unexpected phone call might divert your attention just long enough for your little one to dump a bowl of yogurt or rad, saucy food onto your chairs.

That is why Everyday Elegance Chair Covers help us manage those little speed bumps with grace and style and not lose our cool.  Because they are waterproof, the chair underneath the cover is protected, and because they are easily removed and washable clean-up becomes a snap.

With all the rest that life throws at us, isn’t it good to know you don’t have to worry about some of life’s little unexpected accidents?

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