Tired of watching your nice dining chairs get stained or scuffed
from daily use with kids or pets?

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About Our Dining Chair Covers

  • Washable
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to Use (no tying, just one simple Velcro® flap in the back)
  • Fits most standard dining chairs
  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable to sit on, no sticky plastic!

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A Note from ViveVita

Everyday Elegance Chair Covers are the perfect way to spruce up the look of your kitchen or dining room while protecting your chairs. These dining chair slip covers are easy to use with a simple velcro flap–no crawling under chairs and no need to have an Eagle Scout badge in knot-tying to use these little gems!

Everyday Elegance Chair Covers are washable and waterproof, yet they don’t have the sticky plastic feel like the ones Grandma used to use on her chairs. These are dining chair slipcovers with class and style.

Any when the seasons change, so can your chair covers! With five different colors to choose from, you can pop one set off and another set on in no time and for very little cost, and your whole room changes to reflect the feeling of the holiday or the season. From formal to casual, from Spring to Fall, end everything in between!

As the mother of 9 small children, and with a background in nursing, Robyn knew there had to be a way to deal with the ever-present, ever-occurring scuffs and stains that happen on kitchen chairs. Whether it be guests, children, pets, or just everyday use chairs can take a real beating.

Having tried other chair covers, she found that there was no great solution.  Some were “water-resistant”, not water-proof, which meant that liquids leaked through and still stained chairs.  Others may have helped protect chairs a little better but at the cost of the chair cover itself–they stained easily and did not clean up and were not washable, so they wound up being “high-cost, single-use solutions”.  Others may have been waterproof and wipe-clean, but they were made of the sticky, uncomfortable plastic that Grandma used in the 1970’s, and no adults or children want to sit on them.  Others were so complicated to put on, forcing you to climb under the chair and lay upside-down to tie intricate patterns of knots, only to have to spend hours to reverse the process a day later when a spill occurred.  So, not seeing any good alternatives on the market, Robyn felt compelled to create her own solution.

Thinking of the old-time washable hospital “Chux”, Robyn spent long hours researching and finding the right material that could do the job. After countless prototypes and a multitude of different materials, Robyn finally found the right configuration to fit a wide variety of chairs and still be easy to put on and take off, and the right material that was truly waterproof (not just water-resistant), washable, and comfortable to sit on.

So if you have ever been frustrated by drinks or food or stains on chairs, and tried other chair covers only to find the food or drink leaked right through and then you had to clean the chair cover AND the chair, or if you are just looking for a way to quickly and easily change the look of your kitchen or dining room then Everyday Elegance Chair Covers are for you!