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Chair Covers Are Great for Homes with Pets

Our family has had an incredible opportunity this year.  We are living in Central America on a farm for a year while the children learn Spanish.  Don’t worry–we are still running the business remotely.  Who would have thought you could do this fifteen years ago?

So while we live on a farm we have several new animal friends, including three dogs, two bunny rabbits, horses, a pony, some cows and chickens…am I forgetting anything?

everyday elegance chair covers

Everyday Elegance Chair Covers in Simply Red

Well, the point is if you have any animals in your home like dogs or cats, it is good to have chair protectors.  With all animals you can keep fur away from your precious chairs.  With cats and any other animals that might be on top of the chair you can help prevent them from shredding your chair fabric by using chair protectors.

And if your chair protectors are waterproof, like our Everyday Elegance Chair Covers, you are also protected against the occasional spill or accident you might encounter with animals.

An added bonus is that they are easy to take off and put on, and they are washable.  Since they are economically priced in packages of 2, you can also have a couple different sets and change the look of your kitchen or dining room chairs (and the look of your whole room) in a heartbeat!

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