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Answers – What do you drive with all those children?

OK, so you might be wondering…what do you drive when you have that many kids?!!  NO, not a school bus, not even a shorty one!


Actually, I drive a 15 passenger Ford van with a high top.  It is definitely not sporty or classy, but it does the trick!  AND, I can stand up in that thing!

The seating is arranged for 11 people, we have no seats for friends right now.  We have the option of putting in more bench seats, but for now I really like having a set of captains chairs in the middle row.  I still have to buckle so many of the little ones, and so I like having the middle of the van accessable.

My sweet husband nicknamed our van “Zippy”.  I think he was trying to make me feel better about having to drive a big, ugly, army green vehicle.  I remember him saying something about “Zippy” being fast, sleek, and small.  One of us was delusional!

We do have a nice 15″ cd player in the van that everyone, but myself, can see and enjoy.  I can not tell you how many movies I have heard but not seen!


Van Stats:

1 infant carrier

4 carseats

3 boosters

1 seatbelted

Although some of our kids are old enough to move up to the next seat stage, we prefer to keep them in the “safest” seat possible for as long as can be tolerated.  Since my husband and I both worked in the ER, we tend to be overly cautious with moving vehicles.

So, my “hot mama” van pictures are here for all to see.  AND that is how we get around with 9 children and two parents!.

2 thoughts on “Answers – What do you drive with all those children?

  1. I LOVE your van. We currently have a 15 passenger dodge that I am dying to have a hi top put on because my back is going to kill me going back & forth. We have 5 kids 5 & under so we have 2 that can buckle themselves and 3 that cannot. Did you add the hi top or find the van this way? Did you customize the seats too? We were fortunate that our van has a split isle, but it’s tight. We’d like to do the arrangement you have and I know why you enjoy it so much. Very nice!

  2. Thanks, Amy!
    This is Dave, Robyn’s husband (and chief car-buyer) responding.
    We bought the van this way, with the high top. Robyn did not want to lean over seats when she was pregnant, as she had been doing in our minivan. We bought the van off-lease. I think am executive limo service owned it for less than a year and less than 12,000 miles, and we got it for half-price–no upcharge for luxuries like leather or DVD player. DEFINITELY worth it!
    The seats were originally for a 15-passenger, but modded out by the limo company to three rows of two captain’s chairs each, and a 4-seat bench in back, all in leather. Last year we had to lose two captain’s chairs for a 3-seater bench when we had our 9th child. So now we fit eleven!
    Thanks for reading and for the comment!

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