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Another thing I love about Bandette sippy cup labels

I realized another thing we love about Bandette sippy cup and baby bottle labels today as I was unloading the dishwasher.  Because they are dishwasher safe, you do not have to keep putting them on and taking them off the cups when you wash them.

This makes a big difference in our house.  Instead of trying to find the right cup, or sippy cup, or bottle for the right child, then find the right label and put them together, I can see the colored band on the cup right in the dishwasher as I unload it and I know to whom it belongs.

For example, our two 2-year olds are usually coming up to me asking for a drink first thing in the morning, and both use sippy cups.  Since we usually wash dishes overnight, and I am usually groggy-eyed in the morning, it works out well for me to open the dishwasher, squint for a half-second, grab a cup with a red or blue label (the boys’ respective colors), pour some milk in that puppy and slap a lid on it as I warm up my coffee.  Presto!  Nicely done, Coffee-n-Bandette Labelsnumber one!  I can’t imagine anymore what it would be like if I had to search around thinking about which cup and which label, etc. etc. etc. while I was still half asleep.

So click off one more good reason to use Bandette sippy cup and baby bottle labels!.

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