About Us

How We Came to Be

Vive Vita arose from the need of one woman to tackle problems she encountered in everyday living.  Robyn is the mother of nine children who became frustrated when she could not find a simple solution to issues such as handtowels and bathroom towels constantly on the floor, confusion between multiple drink cups for children, and organization and security for the children while in public places.  With no readily available products that fit her needs, Robyn decided to create her own solutions.

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When she did create her own solutions, something magical happened.  Her friends and family noticed the ingenuity of her solutions.  Strangers commented on the functionality of her solutions, and both mothers and entrepreneurs encouraged her to share her discoveries and inventions with others who may be encountering similar dilemmas she faced.  As she revised and improved several seemingly unrelated products they became more functional, less cumbersome, and more elegant.  Thus was born a new company–Vive Vita–roughly translated into “Living Life”!

Who We Are Now

ViveVita is the product company that is living life everyday, just like you.  We’re making life easier and prettier, one product at a time.  We have found that life is better when purpose and pleasure are balanced.  Our goal is to create products that solve everyday issues in a way that makes everyone smile.  Having fun, looking pretty, adding flair – that’s how life’s everyday issues should be solved.  Flair and function coming together, now that is savvy living!

Where We Are Going

Our goal is to continue creating innovative products for children and families.  Our future plans include products for the home, for mature adults, and for environment preservation.  We are currently working to establish a strong non-profit association that will serve to provide real solutions for those less fortunate.


Who We Are

Robyn Pellei
CEO and MompreneurPlus9
Robyn Pellei – CEO and MompreneurPlus9

Joel Goldblatt
Director of Sales
Joel Goldblatt – Director of Sales

David Pellei
CFO, Director of Logistics and Supply Chain
David Pellei - CFO, Director of Logistics and Supply Chain

Elizabeth Hartsell
Executive Assistant
Elizabeth Hartsell – Executive Assistant


Our Remarkable Partners
Tailored Management Solutions
Debbi Arnold with Tailored Management Solutions
Keeps us running like a smooth machine, there is nothing she cannot do!

J. Krowles Graphic Arts
Joseph Krowles
Our phenomenal graphic artist and web designer.

Flori Pate Designs
Flori Pate
Responsible for our logo, the fantastic artwork for all product pages and the Grippy Adventure Book

We wouldn’t be where we are without the support, expertise, and many helping hands (and good friends!) at Enventys.

Jamie Lea
Making our stuff look extra special!