Chair Covers Are Great for Homes with Pets

Our family has had an incredible opportunity this year.  We are living in Central America on a farm for a year while the children learn Spanish.  Don’t worry–we are still running the business remotely.  Who would have thought you could do this fifteen years ago?

So while we live on a farm we have several new animal friends, including three dogs, two bunny rabbits, horses, a pony, some cows and chickens…am I forgetting anything?

everyday elegance chair covers

Everyday Elegance Chair Covers in Simply Red

Well, the point is if you have any animals in your home like dogs or cats, it is good to have chair protectors.  With all animals you can keep fur away from your precious chairs.  With cats and any other animals that might be on top of the chair you can help prevent them from shredding your chair fabric by using chair protectors.

And if your chair protectors are waterproof, like our Everyday Elegance Chair Covers, you are also protected against the occasional spill or accident you might encounter with animals.

An added bonus is that they are easy to take off and put on, and they are washable.  Since they are economically priced in packages of 2, you can also have a couple different sets and change the look of your kitchen or dining room chairs (and the look of your whole room) in a heartbeat!

How to Evaluate Dining Chair Covers

When you are looking to buy kitchen chair covers or dining room chair protectors you may be tempted to pick something off a website that has a nice-looking pattern or looks good in the pictures.  But here are some things that may be worth considering before you make that purchase:

  1. Why are you buying the dining chair covers?  Is it simply to change the look of your dining room, or is it primarily to protect the chairs.  If your dining room is more of a museum that does not get used, the look alone may be the deciding factor.  But if you want to actually protect your chairs from spills and damage, consider the following:
    1. Is the chair cover waterproof?  If your chair cover is only ‘water repellent’ or’water resistant’, or is not waterproof at all, and you have a spill you might find yourself actually doing more work since you have to clean the chair cover plus the chair underneath.
    2. Is the chair cover washable?  If your chair cover is not washable and you have a spill or stain, are you willing to throw away the slipcover, or continue to use it with the stain remaining as an eyesore?
  2. Can you easily put the chair covers on and take them off?  If you need to remove the chair covers to wash them or to change the look of your dining room, will it take you a few seconds for an easy change-out, or will you be frustrated with multiple knots and contraptions?  Will you have to climb under the chair to get to some knots each time you want to change the seat protector?  Whether you are buying chair covers just for looks or for protective function you will need to change them periodically.  This will be an important factor you recognize over time.
  3. Everyday Elegance Chair Covers Collage Your Fit Your Choice

    Everyday Elegance Chair Covers Collage Your Fit, Your Style, Your Choice

    Will the dining room chair cover fit on your chairs?  Certain chair covers are custom-designed for only one type of chair.  Others are more flexible and will fit multiple different styles of chair.

  4. Is your chair cover comfortable to sit on?  Or will your guests be sticking to an uncomfortable plastic seat like the old vinyl chair covers of the 1970’s?  Let’s face it, chairs are made to be sat upon.  If you never intend to let anyone sit on your chairs then any chair cover will do.  However, if you plan to use your chairs you may want to consider making sure they are comfortable for the users.

ViveVita’s Everyday Elegance Chair Covers are waterproof and washable.  They can easily and quickly be put on and taken off with a simple hook-and-loop sash.  The soft microfiber weave feels good to the touch and they are not made of sticky vinyl.

Everyday Elegance Chair Covers change the look of your Dining Room

Everyday Elegance Chair Covers change the look of your Dining Room

Our chair covers are a cost effective way to quickly and easily change the look of your kitchen chairs or dining chairs.  They are available on  Please feel free to read our reviews on and see what other people are saying about our chair covers.

Post-Holiday Spirit

I recently wrote and article for Ezine online magazine regarding how to keep the holiday cheer going after the calendar tells us the ‘holiday’ is over.

You can read it here.

The short version is that we can keep up the holiday spirit by continuing to gather with friends and family, even without a ‘holiday reason’.  We can also keep a room cheerfully decorated to help us navigate through some of the dreary times of winter.  One way to easily change the decor of your dining room or kitchen is to use Everyday Elegance Chair Covers.  Simply take one set off and put a different set on—presto!  A fresh new feel with minimal effort.

Redecorate your dining room easily and inexpensively!

Redecorate your dining room easily and inexpensively!


ViveVita Everyday Elegance Chair Covers Rank #1 and #2 on

It has happened again!

This morning (6/29/2013) I looked, and our Everyday Elegance Chair Covers were ranked #1 Amazon Bestseller for Simply Linen style, and #2 for Creamy Brown in the following category:

This is always good news, and encouraging to see something you have created have real life support from real people.  We would like to give a great big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who has shown us so much support every step of the way, and everyone who has purchased and use our products.

Activities for children–cold and wet weather

I recently published a blogpost about activities for children during nice weather.  But the weather doesn’t always play along.

When the weather is cold or wet or both, there are still plenty of fun things to do with children.  Here’s a list of some of our favorites.

1) Family reading:  we love to read.  Frog and Toad books are perennial favorites of the children (and myself).  We read these to each other a lot.  When two little ones get into a fight, I put them on the couch next to each other and have them read Frog and Toad to each other.  You can also do quiet family reading time, Bible reading, or “Daddy reading”–I like to read a chapter of the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings, time permitting, each day.  J.R.R. Tolkien has such an incredible writing style, the tales are entertaining and adventurous, and he paints a setting like none other I have known.

2) Board games.  I have always loved board games, and I think the children take after me in this respect.  Board games are perfect training tools for how to deal with winning and losing in life, as well as being good sports, and learning to take calculated risks and not be afraid.  Whether you win or lose in board games a few things always hold when you are through:  1) you are still alive, 2) Mom and Dad still love you, 3) God still loves you.   Never forget that.

3)  Baking and making.  Whether it is simple dinner rolls, pancakes, or desserts, it is always fun to do some baking on a rainy day.

4) Clean up.  House chores can be fun with the right attitude, especially if everyone chips in and helps out.  Many hands make light work.  We like to put on some groovy tunes to keep the mood and motion peppy.

5) Help Mom with laundry.  Folding is a good thing for children (and Dads) to learn.  Doing it together makes it fun.

6) Story telling.  Children have the best imaginations and come up with the funniest things.  With all the reading we do, they also learn to create settings and give characters “voice”.

7) Making juice drinks or smoothies.  Frozen berries with yogurt become an easy treat and are fun to make on a rainy day.  If it is cold, warm it up and make hot cocoa or spiced cider instead!

8) Spa treatment for Mom.  This is one of the favorite things the little ones love to do!  A towel on the couch a few helpful children and a little lotion and Mommy gets one great foot and leg rub!  Throw in a hairbrush and an aspiring salon artist and Mommy gets a scalp massage and new hairdo at the same time!

9) If all else fails, wrestling always works.  Note:  for aging Dads and adolescent/preteen children–approach this with caution!  Once the youngsters reach 2/3 of your body weight it might be time to throw in the towel!  But while they are still small I like to cover the room with pillows, get on my knees, and play “Daddy takes on all comers”.  The couches are ‘safe zones’ for the kiddies, they can’t wrestle each other, and Daddy can call a time out when needed.

Everyday Elegance Chair Covers is an Amazon #1 Bestseller!

ViveVita’s Everyday Elegance Chair Covers have climbed to the top ranks for Dining Chair Slipcovers on!  The Creamy Brown color and Simply Linen Color have been trading spots back and forth for the #1 slot the last couple days.  Both have stayed in the top 5, with other colors reaching the top 20.

Here is a snapshot of the rankings this morning (Feb 2, 2013):

Everyday Elegance Chair Covers top Amazon 2-2-13

Everyday Elegance Chair Covers top Amazon 2-2-13


Congratulations to Robyn and the team at ViveVita!